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Sam The Woo cares about three things: ferocious joy, genre-blending tracks, and delicious realities where community comes first. Here’s the story: Sam The Woo grew up in on a llama farm in northern CA, but found herself in NYC to be an actor. BUT! Lighting struck when Sam The Woo discovered producing in 2020, and was quickly drawn to writing for a small rock orchestra. Ready to build sonic lands, she left her university program for a year to say yes to everything artistic. She learned stop motion for a music video, produced what will be her Hungry Appetite debut EP, and (most importantly to her) formed her 7-piece band. STW is inspired by a genre-blending style of pop (with Jazz, Funk, Country, Motown and Alt-pop influences) that tells a good story and creates an immersive, magical land. Sam The Woo is a lifelong performer and live shows are where she shines, crafting an electric experience that consciously aims to bring a new level to future of music.

mouth that feeds you mouth that feeds youmouth that feeds youmouth that feeds you_edited_e

"[Sam The Woo] combines experimental influences with ground-breaking pop to create something uniquely hers.

The result is something impossible to categorize but absolutely a joy to listen to."


york calling

"Wonderfully produced and thoughtfully written... from start to finish a sonically nostalgic and jazzy track about self-renewal."

Breakout NYC

Get All Social <3

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